What’s a Gundowringa Scone?

Previously…. we found the Schauer (1931) & CWA Coronation (1947) Cook books & asked what’s a Gundowinga Scone?

Gundowinga scones use sour cream instead of butter!

Gundowringa is an historic homestead farm so there could well be a connection. It’s a B & B Farmstay at Crookwell, near Goulburn, NSW.  In 2004, it was featured on a Getaway program and has a range of accommodation available. Anyone been there?

Amazingly, I found the Gundowringa Scone recipe page is now online at Murdoch Books. The current version of the CWA Cookerybook has changed the spelling slightly to Gundowringa.  There’s even tips for making scones & a few other scone recipes as well. Fortunately, they have also included the jam page which has a strawberry jam recipe too. Have a look at the murdoch books blog from earlier this year when they tried & liked these recipes . Very useful, thanks.

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