Sutherland Falls, New Zealand. A Marvellous Water Fall.

Chasing Waterfalls


NEW Zealand’s tallest waterfall is Sutherland Falls, near Quinton Lodge on the Milford Track. If you want to enjoy this exhilarating waterfall be prepared to get wet from the spray, the power of the falls or just because your in  New Zealand. After hiking for about 32km or 3 days from the start of the walk at Lake te Anau, there’s a climb up Mackinnon Pass & back down again to get to Quinton Lodge. Now, when your body is least inclined there’s another half an hour hike out to the falls & then back again, but it’s sensational. Tomorrow, there’s only another 20km to Sandfly point & the boat to Milford Sound. Amazing stuff !

According to World of Waterfalls  Sutherland Falls is New Zealand’s ‘mightiest’ waterfall and plunges 580m in three distinct vertical leaps, and is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world. The blast as the water falls is certainly pwerful! We travelled with Ultimate Hikes & stayed in lodges but you can stay at the DOC huts which is cheaper but you have to carry everything.


There were scones at Te Anau where we started and I vaguely remember getting scones at Pompolona Lodge at the end of the second day but I may have just been dreaming after watching all the wonderful falls & cascades all around us!

Lookout for more waterfalls soon!

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