Fraser Island -Hervey Bay -Maryborough & Tilt Train to Brisbane -Express to Nerang -Gold Coast, Qld. 9 hrs & 375km.

A Very Long Way for a Coffee and No Scones!

7.50 am. Ferry from Fraser Island to Hervey Bay.

8.40 am. Bus from River Heads, Hervey Bay to Pialba, Hervey Bay.

9.50 am. Bus Pialba, Hervey Bay to Maryborough West Station.

10.50 am. Train pulling out just as we arrive! Phew! it’s the Sunlander running late, not the Tilt train!

11.05 am. Tilt Train to Brisbane.  Breakfast leftovers for Lunch, Dining Car not open. The tilt train really hums along as it gets closer to Brisbane.

Love my ipod and my audiobook!

1.15 pm. Arrive at Nambour. Maybe I should have stopped here and headed down to Noosa ??

3.oo pm. Arrive at Roma St, Brisbane. No time for a Coffee. Could have stayed a couple of nights here too, as it’s been rather a long time since I’ve been to Brisbane.

3.30-4.30 pm. Brisbane-Nerang on Gold Coast Express.

4.30-5.00 pm. A welcome smile, a hug and a drive to the Gold Coast. Bliss, a take away Cuppa Coffee! Arrive just as it gets dark. Made it, only 1786km from Cairns!!!

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