Fraser Island, Qld. Peter Myers’ Glorious Photography and the Marvellous Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Snap Happy at the Kingfisher Bay Resort!

Don’t wast time unpacking, this is photographer’s paradise. Head down to the jetty for those marvellous sunset scenes. Can you take too many sunsets? Never!


First thing next morning, we’re  paddling a canoe up Dundonga Creek to check out the mangroves. Kingfisher Bay resort is very environmentally aware and safety conscious so a ranger always guides you. A voice breaks the peace and tranquility to ask what the large holes in the sand are. The answer is swift and silent as a stingray passes under the canoe. The pristine waters show them to perfection. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment and forget the camera.

Canoe Paddle   Marine Activities  Marine Activities

Toddled off to the Village Centre “for a little smackerel of something” at the Coffee Rock Cafe and was disappointed to find it had just shut. Oh, Bother! as Winnie the Pooh would say. Another scone free day! Consoled myself at the General store looking at postcards and was soon distracted by a wonderful book of Fraser Island photographs by Peter Meyers. These wonderful images are all over the resort and in every room. Such an inspiration, look at the link and see for yourself. Peter is a ranger at the Kingfisher Bay Resort and is part of the Blue Dog Photo tour there on Aug 26-29. Photography the art of drawing light! Interesting Idea.


Saving myself for another excellent dinner, I had a snack and enjoyed a swim in the heated pool, the unheated pool and a very welcome, warm spa.


All packaged again and ready for an early start on the Ferry to Hervey Bay, then the tilt train to Brisbane and onto the Gold Coast.

Fraser Island has been magnificent and I’m so glad I finally managed to get here. Don’t be surprised if I’m back in the next few years to see the whales and the whale festival! Oh yes, and another swim in Lake Mackenzie!

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  1. laurahartson says:

    these are some fantastic shots!

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