Sydney, NSW. Back and Forwards on the Manly Ferry.

Touring Sydney with Seagulls


  Always great walking through the Botanical Gardens but it was certainly very hot as I made my way from the Art Gallery, down to Circular Quay and the Manly Ferry, here’s a map.  Just in the nick of time, too. It only takes about half an hour and you get the extra swell between North & South Head as an added bonus. Here’s the ferry timetable. Gave the feet a chance to cool off but we were soon off again down the Corso to Manly Beach. Why does an ice cream at Copenhagen cost 70 or 80 cents more at their shop at the Ferry end than it does at the beach end?  No room for the usual fish & chips at the old shop next to Surfection today. Just need to cool my feet down in the waves.


But wait, the beach is CLOSED! Just a few stragglers some hardy surfers and the seagulls today.

In next to no time a cool change arrives and it’s suddenly cold and I’m a bit wet from my over enthusiastic attempts to subdue my burning feet. A storm is gathering, so much too soon I’m shivering and on my way back to the ferry to Circular Quay, which has just left. Never mind, except that it’s cold now.


No time to stop for my usual sustenance at Circular Quay’s City Extra today, even if I was hungry. If I keep moving, I just might catch my train from Central. With 4 minutes to spare I make the train, looking only slightly damp and bedraggled. It’s been a good day and now all I have to do is not fall asleep on the train and miss my stop!

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