Sydney Harbour, NSW. A Fabulous Bridge Walk with Great Scones****4stars

The Many Faces of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I’m ashamed to admit that I have never walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge before. Starting at Central Station I caught the train to North Sydney which is only five minutes away. Such a glorious sunny day and perfect weather even if you wanted to climb the bridge, which I didn’t. Surprisingly, it didn’t take anywhere near as long as I thought to walk across. Of course, I did get distracted taking pictures and did have to climb up inside the pylon lookout for a bird’s eye view of the harbour and the Sydney Opera House. Although, it cost $11 it was certainly well worth the view, wasn’t it?


Back to priorities. Having exercised, it was now time for scones at the Irish Design Shop at the Rocks, just below the bridge. Nowadays, the tea rooms are called Tea Cosy Tea Rooms and are open Thursday to Sunday and also have ‘Not Quite High Teas’ which look worth a try. Today the choice was plain, currant, strawberries and cream, or earl grey scones with whichever of their fabulous jams, I had fig and ginger. For $12.00 I got two scones, a plain and a strawberry and cream scone, with double cream and some superb fig and ginger jam. I just had to ask about the scones, and yes  the taste was from real strawberries and real cream not lollies or flavouring. Yum!   If you like the weekend Rocks Markets they are right outside the door in George St. Here’s a Rocks Map.


Fortified once more, I retraced my steps back up to the bridge and took the Cahill Walk that goes from the bridge across Circular Quay to the Botanic Gardens. The expressway next to it is rather ugly but the views across the Quay to the harbour and Opera House are fantastic. Tons of ferries and boats provide plenty of colour and movement in this bustling scene. The Museum of Contemporary Art has recently reopened in time for  the 18th Biennale of Sydney. Just reached the edge of the Botanical gardens before heading down the well worn Moore Steps down to Circular Quay Station. En route, take the time to look at the plaques beneath your feet with quotes from different writers on the writers walk. Of course, I bypassed the station and got an ice cream at Copenhagen before heading up George St to Town Hall Station then onto Central and my train home.



Today, my trusty iPad has come along for the ride so I’m writing on the train to make sure I don’t fall asleep after all that fresh air and sunshine. Along the way, there are a few tantalising glimpses of the sunset to reward me for my efforts.


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  1. bertcollections says:

    Nice teapots. Might be handy for a quilt design one day.

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