Milford Sound, N.Z. The Entice of Moving Mountains *****5stars

 A CommAnding Presence

Mitre Peak has been captured by millions of photographers and become such an icon  that it is virtually synonymous with New Zealand, particularly the South Island. Travelling here means you are forced to deal with wet weather but all it usually takes is a raincoat, some sturdy footwear and insect repellent. Don’t despair if rain is forecast, Milford Sound is much more exciting in the rain. The water literally pours off every crevice and rock face creating waterfalls everywhere. Hopefully, it will be clear enough for a magical view of Mitre Peak which overwhelms your arrival at Milford Sound for your cruise or kayak. If your fortunate enough to stay at Mitre Peak Lodge to recover after tramping the Milford Track it’s right on your doorstep. At 1692m, Mitre Peak entices visitors to frequently look backwards in the hope of catching a glimpse of its imposing majesty appearing, however briefly, from beneath the clouds. Mt Cook, at 3754m, is another proponent of this irresistably, enticing behaviour.

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2 Responses to Milford Sound, N.Z. The Entice of Moving Mountains *****5stars

  1. katieedwards says:

    This place looks incredible and is on my list to visit as part of my oz/nz trip. Cannot wait!

  2. revailier says:

    This looks like something from the 1700’s with the old ships. Captain Cook might appear at any moment

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