The Milford Road, NZ. A Pictorial Journey.*****5stars


Te Anau (start).

Time to take a local tour bus up to Milford Sound which is 120km or 2 1/2 hrs driven away. As there’s only one road in and out, why not enjoy the views and leave the driving to the locals who know these roads and conditions best. Here’s a map and information from the NZ Dept of Conservation.


Te Anau Downs (30 mins).

This is where you catch the boat to the head of Lake Te Anau and the start of the Milford Track and the first night’s accommodation at Glade House or Clinton Hut.

NZMS-10_1029   NZMS-10_1037

Knobs Flat (30mins)

There’s plenty of picturesque spots along the way where you can stop, have a short walk at Eglington Valley or Mirror Lakes before a convenience stop at Knobs Flat. Hopefully, you’ve remembered your raincoat and boots.

NZMS-06_758   NZMS-06_760

NZMS-10R_1173   NZMS-10R_1181

The Divide (25mins)

Along the way is Lake Gunn Nature Walk, an easy 45 min short walk through the forest and is wheelchair accessible. The Bus stop and carpark at the Divide is the start of the Routeburn Track but you can just do the 3hr return walk UP to the Key Summit or keep going another 30 kms for a few days as you already up in the mountains.


NZMS-10_1050   NZMS-10_1060

Homer Tunnel (30 mins)

Waterfalls and rivers by the side of the road until you reach the Homer Tunnel. Allow plenty of time as it’s one way so you simply have to wait for the lights. Hopefully, there’s time for a few pictures and a walk around. Once your through, the road winds downwards and it’s especially good if someone else is driving.



Milford Sound (30 mins)

If you stop nowhere else besides the Mirror Lakes, make sure you visit The Chasm waterfalls walk and enjoy this easy fifteen minute walk. Not far now so you can relax, hopefully have a meal onboard and enjoy the delights of your Milford Sound cruise.


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