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Trawling for Scones in the Wake of the Southern Aurora.

Scones of the Hunter Valley & New England Tribes Rather than eat ourselves silly on Christmas Day I simply made a batch of scones using the CWA packet mix and was heartened by my family’s joyous response of *****5 stars. … Continue reading

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What’s a Gundowringa Scone?

Previously…. we found the Schauer (1931) & CWA Coronation (1947) Cook books & asked what’s a Gundowinga Scone? Gundowinga scones use sour cream instead of butter! Gundowringa is an historic homestead farm so there could well be a connection. It’s a … Continue reading

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Masterchef & CWA Scone Challenge Followup

Here’s an article I found in the Sydney Morning Herald that followed on from last week’s masterchef scone challenge. They asked Gloria Hyatt who oversaw the CWA cafe at this year’s Sydney Easter Show about scones. They baked about 3000 scones … Continue reading

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Are Hot Cross Buns Oversized Scones?

Been considering the cosmic questions of Life, the Universe & Everything. Are hot cross buns oversized scones?   Is a scone a yeast free hot cross bun? (Note: What’s the meaning of scone?)

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